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Part 8 Shelta Rambur: Parents File Federal Lawsuit

The first of many parents who have sued various Wyoming school boards and is a plaintiff in the federal lawsuit is a mother by the name of Shelta Rambur who lives in the Sheridan county school district #2 zone.

Shelta Rambur has two daughters, one age 13 and the older sibling age 15. Both teenagers attend the Sheridan County School SCSD#2. SCSD#2 issued broad district wide policy that mandated that all individuals, when at any school facility and or on school buses, wear a face mask regardless of medical issues, or face being removed from either the school buses or school buildings and grounds.

Shelta Rambur in the suit has alleged that both of her daughters had major headaches and one teenage daughter suffers with anxiety issues. Her mother, Shelta Rambur has tried frequently to talk to the school officials, the school board and the teachers, school nurse and anyone she could get to listen to her concerns for this teenage daughter. However, all of her efforts were to of no avail. It was like she was talking to the walls, as the entire school system just ignored her and even distanced themselves from her.

Shelta Rambur tried to exercise her parental right to make medical decisions for her daughters. Rambur notified the school and the district personnel and even Superintendent Scott Stults, including the school board, school administrators, and the teachers. Yet it was apparent that each defendant/Respondents listed here in this article either were working together via separate actions to prevent the mother, Shelta Rambur from exercising her rights.

The intentionally infringed and purposely outright prevented this mother from exercising her parental rights to make medical decisions for her daughters, despite the law. All the Respondents/Defendants ignored the Wyoming Law set forth in Article 1)(38 of the Wyoming Constitution and W.S.14-2-206.

What is even egregious was the actions that followed her attempts to exercise her parental rights as a parent. The listed defendants/Respondents from school administrators and teachers fostered and prompted harassment, bullying, and severe abuse of her daughters, which was all in violation of W.S. 14-3-201 et.seq.

They then set out to violate her daughters further by ignoring the provisions that are set forth in 564 of the Federal, Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Neither of the Respondents/Defendants, informed, advised not consulted with Shelta Rambur of the potential deadly consequential, negative adverse affect of using a totally experimental medical device. This device was a MASK, that medically does not stop a virus. But does lower considerably fresh air and oxygen to a child.

This was a FAKE COVID-19 hype from the Radical socialist Democrats and enforced by the Domestic Terroristic School boards’ illegal actions.

The SCSD#2 personnel, employees and administration personnel stated that this was “required” by the SCSD#2 policy, and did not inform anyone of their right to decline to take part as required by section 564.

Shelta Rambur requested that the school board, SCSD#2, personnel and employees comply with the law and follow the pertinent and state and federal constitutional provisions and statutes including her first amendment rights to attend school board meetings under the Wyoming’s open meeting statues laws W.S.16-4-403.

Shelta Rambur was unfortunately, subjected to outright hostility and verbal abuse and the Respondents listed then would take their anger out on her daughters, all because Shelta Rambur, the mother of the two teenage daughters was doing everything in her power legally, to get the SCSD#2 to comply with the LAW, both state and federal and the Constitution, both state and federal.

Rambur contends and alleges that the violation of constitutional provisions, federal and state statues directly attributed to and begun by Respondent Gordons, Declaration of Emergency which was based upon the fake, and unsound application and the improper use of W.S. 35-4-115 (a)(I).

Many repeated violations were out-right lawlessness, actions used intending to be dishonest with Wyoming parents, the public, using very deceitful use of the PCR test.

You the viewer, read and decide for yourself what is true and what is false. The Wyoming News want you to exercise your right to THINK and decide based on the facts.

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