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98-Year-Old Bob Dole Died Early Sunday Morning Dec 5, 2021

Former Senate Leader, and former Presidential Candidate, 98-year-old Bob Dole, died early Sunday morning according to Elizabeth Dole. Bob Dole died peacefully at in his sleep early Sunday morning.

Bob Dole served for 36-years on Capital Hill. During his service, Dole became an influential legislator and a party leader in the Senate. Dole had a caustic type of wittiness. And used it throughout his 36-years on Capitol Hill.

Dole shaped tax policies dealing with foreign policies, farm aid and nutrition programs and was the mastermind to creating protections against discrimination in the employment education and all public service sector. Dole helped to help protect those with the American with Disabilities Act.

Dole himself, being a veteran, had a soft spot for wounded veterans and fallen comrades. He kept the memory going for the generations of World War I and World War II Vets. Bob Dole attempted three presidential runs the last time being in 1996. Dole in 1976 was the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate with then President Gerald Ford.

In 1945, Bob Dole was serving his country and was attacking a German line in the Northern area of Italy. During that fire fight, Bob Dole sustained shell fragment injuries that crushed his spine in two vertebrae’s and then suffered from being paralyzed in both of his legs and arms. Dole was in the Army, and never regained the use of his right hand because of the severe injuries he suffered in time of war. If Bob Dole fully knew what the Democrats have become, WOKE, Socialists bent on destroying America, Dole would have felt sickened to think he fought for the freedom for these very radical socialist Democrats whom are now destroying America from within.

Oddly enough, Bob Dole and Joe Biden were Senate friends. Joe Biden visited his old Senate friend Bob Dole, just hours after Bob Dole had announced his fatal cancer diagnosis. Bob Dole did not agree with what Joe Biden has become currently, yet Bob Dole, oddly enough, still kept the lines of communication open to Joe Biden till the very morning that he passed away.

Bob Dole served as a:

Was a lawyer,

Committee chairperson,

Majority Leader,

Minority Leader,

Chairperson of the tax-writing Finance Committee,

Senate Leader in 1985

Elder statesman for all the Congressional seats.

Elected by Congress as the Congressional Gold Medal Award,

Presidential Medal of Freedom Award,

Earned two purple hearts ,

Promoted from Army Captain to Colonel,

Published a memoir of his wartime experiences,

Named “The Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas,

And the list is just endless what Bob Dole accomplished during his 98 years on this earth.

May he rest in peace. Bob Dole served his country well.

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