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Wyoming Rejects Fauci COVID Control Hype Narrative

According to the Wyoming Department of Corrections, about 62% of people who live in the Wyoming prisons are partially vaccinated. On November 2021, about 54% were considered fully vaccinated. The State according to officials, about 47-50% of Wyoming residents claim to be vaccinated, which to the State Health Department is an extremely low number and could show that Wyoming people do not believe in the vaccines nor the boosters.

In the Prisons, the Fauci warning is also falling on deaf ears, as now only 23% of all incarcerated received the booster shots, as the prison public does not believe the words and lies of Fauci. This trend is the same all over the country and not just in the State of Wyoming experts have stated. Because of the vaccine short life span once created, the prison does not have on hand any supply of the vaccines as they do not have a demand for the vaccines nor the booster shots that seem to change by the day, depending on what Fauci fabricates to fit his ever changing narrative.

During the months of November and December, in the Rawlins prison facility, a sudden explosion of break out cases among those who received vaccinations and or had booster shots still got sick with the COVID virus. This should show that vaccinations do not work, and the boosters do not work.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, only 90,460–laboratory-confirmed cases
23,782–probable cases and only 1,526 covid related deaths. The fatality numbers are extremely small compared to highway deaths, Cancer Deaths, other health related deaths, drug deaths, and Alcohol-related deaths. Even crime statistics are higher than the Wyoming State’s reported COVID deaths.

No wonder why Wyoming residents are so over this Fauci COVID control narrative.

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