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Liz Cheney has literally sold her soul to the DEVIL

Liz Cheney has literally sold her soul to the DEVIL. At least 5 national polls and 2 Wyoming polls clearly show that Liz Cheney will lose the Congressional job she has in Congress. No longer does the name Cheney mean anything to Wyoming voters and that is not all she is facing. In Washington DC in the halls of Congress, both Democrat and Republican congressmen and women are distancing themselves from Liz Cheney as they know that if they are associated with the name of Liz Cheney, they themselves will suffer in their own states and at the voting booth.

Liz Cheney has backed herself into a corner by being Nancy Pelosi’s swamp girl. Liz Cheney has gone against all her Wyoming constituents and caused a significant rift among both Democrat and Republican members of both the House and Senate, not to mention that her party, the Republican party, has thrown her away and does not consider Cheney as a Republican in Congress not to say that back in the state of Wyoming, Liz Cheney has become the most hated woman in Wyoming, that Wyoming voters intend to send her packing, replacing her with genuine conservative-minded Trump support and constitutionalist candidate, Harriet Hageman. Liz Cheney politically is neither safe in Congress nor in the state of Wyoming. Cheney has doomed her own career.

Cheney slipped out the fact that the goal of the committee is to actually get rid of the Electoral College and go by the majority vote in all 50 states.

Liz Cheney down deep inside of her empty soul knows that what she is doing is nothing but political grandstanding and a piece of fake news, a kangaroo court orchestrated by the hard radical left, with nothing but an agenda to institute Socialism and Marxism in America, but first Liz Cheney has to take out President Donald Trump, as she knows that if he gets in, she, Pelosi and many others will probably end up in jail for the crimes that they have committed against the American people.

It is a matter of time for Liz Cheney being in public office. Liz Cheney will soon meet the DEVIL whom she sold her soul to as Wyoming voters will send her a very resounding message, as the state of Wyoming voters will repeat the message that the Park County Republican Men’s Club stated, “Liz Cheney, YOUR FIRED!”

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