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Supreme Court Shuts Down EPA’s Attempt To Push Radical Climate Change

Thursday, the United Stated Supreme Court, the highest court in the land struck a heavy blow to the radical Democrats who are trying to push a Socialist climate change agenda, when there is NO climate change taking place.

The Supreme Court Justices voted 6 to 3 a resounding NO to the Environmental Protection Agency which is trying to re-engineer energy sources of electricity. All of this is in concert with the radical Democrats’ Climate change Socialist agenda re-set for what they planned for America.

The United States Supreme Court ruled on several important cases as of late which are the following: Second Amendment, Religious Freedom, and now the EPA climate change power grabs that are destroying America’s economy. The EPA had gone rogue with climate change power grabs. This ruling permanently shuts down the EPA’s ability to expand on its radical Socialist climate Change agenda which will also make it near impossible for other types of regulatory agencies or entities to conduct power grabs all in the name of climate change agendas.

The EPA is nothing but a federal agency of unelected bureaucrats who have gone rogue and the United States Supreme Court recognized the error of the EPA’s ways and stopped them dead in their tracks. The EPA was controlling, influencing, and dictating the electricity industry. The radical EPA set energy and economic policies using the Socialist Democrats’ smoke and mirrors of environmental policy and did this with literally, unfettered power to do so. The EPA was an agency that was drunk with regulatory power.

No more.

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