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Liz Cheney ignored by Wyoming voters

Former President Trump is now actively campaigning against Cheney, as he has gone after the 10 House Republicans who joined Democrats in voting to impeach him over the insurrection — the only President to be twice impeached.

The former President recently arrived in Wyoming, filling the Casper event center to rally in support of Harriet Hageman, the fiery attorney and state party leader challenging Cheney.
Harriet Hageman, the fiery attorney, and state party leader, challenged Cheney.

“The people of Wyoming are going to vote dump this woman, Liz Cheney,” Trump predicted.
This is just another obstacle Cheney has to face in her reelection campaign. It will be interesting to see how she responds in the coming weeks and if she can maintain her seat in the House of Representatives.

It can be tough to see how the state will continue to back her as she faces such
incredible pressure. Trump is now calling her a backstabber and a Republican in name only. Hageman has even suggested that the state is “Fed up” with Liz Cheney.

Cheney has gone on the offensive, mailing out leaflets to Democratic voters and creating new television spots set to release this week. With her constantly showing up at the hearing, it can be challenging for America to avoid her presence at this time, and her approval rating is plummeting.

Strategists believe Cheney’s reelection is feasible by building a bipartisan coalition of moderate Republicans and crossover Democrats eligible to participate in the GOP primary after the state government defied Trump’s call to tighten voter identification standards. Wyoming News speaking to sources close to the Cheney camp has verified that indeed Liz Cheney is worried she will lose and eventually be prosecuted by Congress.

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