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Laramie County DA, Manlove’s Disciplinary Case Set For Oral Arguments

Laramie County District Attorney, Leigh Anne Manlove nothing more than the criminals that she dealt with, or let go of. According to the Wyoming State Bar’s Office, Disciplinary proceedings are moving forward with oral arguments in front of the Wyoming Supreme Court have been set for August of 2022.

Laramie County District Attorney, Leigh Anne Manlove is accused of mishandling prosecution cases, dismissing criminal cases in which she may have had certain interests, and creating a working hostile environment in the District Court Prosecutions Office. Charges were leveled at Manlove that she violated the Bar’s Professional Responsibility. Attorney Stephen Melchoir is the counsel that is representing Manlove.

The oral arguments are set for 1:30 p.m. Aug. 17. For those in the public that are interested in hearing the oral augments, just click the link which can be found on the Supreme Court’s Website. courts.state.wy.us/supreme-court/live-broadcast/

Each lawyer will get about 30 minutes to state their case in the hearing. Once the hearing is over the Supreme Court may not decide on the outcome for up to 6 months later regarding their decision as to what should happen to the alleged, corrupt Laramie County Attorney,

So far, Manlove has been referred to be disbarred from practicing law in the state of Wyoming, pay over $60,000 in Bar costs in prosecuting her and the case has been turned over to the Wyoming Supreme Court to hear the Bar’s Professional Responsibility allegations against Manlove.

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