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Wyoming Company Being Prosecuted By Feds For Breaking Pollution Laws In Montana And North Dakota

Located in Casper, the Wyoming-based company True Companies operates in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. According to Prosecutors, Wyoming-based True Companies violated the Clean Water Act and are now subject to massive fines totaling upwards of 6.6 million dollars in the Montana case and 90 million in the North Dakota case.

Federal prosecutors allege that the Wyoming company concealed facts that in 2015 a pipeline had ruptured and released over 50,000 gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River, which put the city of Laurel, Montana, into a tailspin as their drinking water was now contaminated.

Bridger Pipeline knowingly violated EPA laws back in 2015 and then concealed the spill damage, alleges Federal Prosecutors, yet Attorneys for the Wyoming-based “True Companies” deny the allegations and claim that the government misread the survey and they alleged that the government misread surveys.

Feds want to know if the Bridger knowingly concealed facts as to the condition of the crossing before the Yellowstone River spill. As of today’s publishing, the Wyoming-based company “True Companies” have not responded to the Wyoming News reporters.

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