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Los Angeles City Council Candidate Danielle Sandoval Grounded To Public Infrastructure Needs

Broken Sidewalks & InfrastructureI am the only candidate who has been outspoken about our district’s sidewalks, highlighting the need to address and fix our damaged infrastructure.
It is unacceptable for a city with a billion-dollar budget and an over-taxed populace not to see a return on their taxpayer dollars.
Our sidewalks have been neglected for years, with the city requiring homeowners to pay most of the repair cost.
Homeowners should not have to pay for the negligence of the city. 
Your tax dollars should be reinvested into these basic city services.
As Councilwoman, I will make sure City Hall works for you.Homeowners cannot safely enter their own driveway without scraping their vehicle. Due to the water main break in Wilmington, businesses along Avalon Blvd. are experiencing damages to the point where they do not know how they can recover. I am committed to creating a city emergency fund specifically for situations like these so businesses do not have to dip into their profits and savings due to the negligence of the city. 

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