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Long Lines At Billings Logan International Airport Due To Staffing Issues

BILLINGS – Travelers planning to fly out of Billings Logan International Airport are urged to arrive at least two or three hours before their flight.

Staffing shortages at airline ticket counters and TSA are creating long lines and recently caused some passengers to miss their flight.

“With most airlines and the TSA being short of staff, we see long lines on certain days and some passengers being left behind as they try to get through the check-in and screening process. 

Logan International Airport Docking of United Airlines

Right now, passengers need to get to the Airport two or three hours before their flight time to ensure they make it on to their flight. Mornings have been especially difficult with all the airlines launching their first flights for the day,” said Kevin Ploehn, City of Billings director of Aviation and Transit.

Ploehn believes the issue will not resolve any time soon.

“The mornings could worsen in October when some airline schedules change, condensing the window for getting passengers processed.  It is just a challenging time for hiring, and we expect this situation to continue right into the holidays, so arriving early is the best way to avoid any issues,” Ploehn said.

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