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When you are not ‘told’ your limitations, it is amazing how far you will go.

Written by: Robin Berry

Have you ever set your phone or computer calendar ‘alarm’ to repeat for a period of time? For example, a weekly meeting that occurs for six weeks? It is very easy to do and does not seem to be hard to understand, no? You fill in the blanks to perform a task for a period of time and then; it stops.

Now, if you were around in the 1970’s you may remember ‘punch-cards.’ It was the time that students were taught how to manually program computers, the process to ‘code’ a machine to ‘perform’ a ‘task.’

In my class, were the class clowns (brilliantly logical) who determined that this was the time to ‘code’ the ‘machine’ to do as they willed, and it did.

My bright young classmates programmed a machine to not only perform the task we had been assigned, but also to change the task at a particular time to do something totally different. As was the culture of the day, these fine young brilliant minds, loved a prank. Basically, our task was to create for our teacher a program that would help to record all the test grades for the quarter and it performed flawlessly. That is until the final test grades were to be input. The last week of classes, everyone in our class received a 100 on the final test due to a small coding script, on a particular date, that gave each classmate a perfect score.

The lesson? If you are not allowed to view the computer coding software, then you truly have no idea what its function is to perform. The ‘counting’ software of any machine is not proprietary, it is not ‘special,’ it should not be ‘cloaked’ for profit. If looking behind the curtain is a problem, then your logically mind should tell you that something is not on the up and up.

Most of us know that there are shenanigans going on in our country, but just cannot bring themselves to believe its extent. To know that, would be an admission of falling down on the job of our participation in this great Constitutional Republic. Without a ‘just and moral people’ our country WILL fall to those who would destroy it.

My solution? Simple, next time an election is to occur, if we cannot convince those in charge of ‘counting the vote’ to use a transparent and open count then we can force their hand by choosing to ‘WRITE IN’ all the votes. A write-in vote is kicked out of the cloaked counting machine and looked at by a human being. If you ‘write-in’ ALL the votes, then you can ensure that all or your vote will truly be counted. What say you?

A concerned patriot.

Robin Berry

Cody WY 82414

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  1. What an excellent article . Thanks Wyoming News for providing the people a podium to express our thoughts. Robin Berry is right on target, yet again.

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