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Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean is host of The Sons of Liberty Radio (www.sonsoflibertyradio.com) program, ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer for the international band Junkyard Prophet (www.junkyardprophet.com), and speaks across the country with his ministry reaching both young and old in schools, universities, tea parties, churches, and communities across the nation. Contact info for Bradlee Dean: www.facebook.com/BradleeDeanSOL Email: info@sonsoflibertyradio.com

Exclusive Content

Abortion: U.S. Government Encourages The Murder Of American Babies

A Government That Murders Its Own - Minnesota Passes A Bill, How I Know Not, To Murder Babies Up Until Delivery“The Constitution contains no...

Author of “Common Sense” Thomas Paine In lighting the Fuse that Brought About the Separation:

The Least Religious Forefather – Think Again (Video) https://rumble.com/embed/v1r3blg/?pub=hw409“Thomas referenced the Scripture in teaching men to throw off the tyrant in England,showing men as...