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COVID Increasing But NOT Spiking In Park County As Some Say

COVID cases are on the increase in the state of Wyoming across the board, but data from the CDC and what the local health officials and victims themselves have indicated, is that most of these COVID-19 cases are individuals who have had the shot vaccines.

In Park County, a small bump increase of COVID probably is the COVID Delta virus, which is a highly contagious virus just like the flu virus, and the regular COVID-19 China Wuhan virus.

Not much different other than the Delta Virus seems to be hitting harder than the regular COVID-19 virus did.

According to data, about 1,555 active cases are currently in the state of Wyoming and the of those figures about 712 of those individuals were infected with the Delta virus.

Of the 1,555 active cases, 982 of those cases were individuals who have been vaccinated and now fall into the category of “Breakthrough cases.”

One asks, are the COVID numbers in Park County spiking? The answer to that question is NO. Yes COVID is real and Yes, people are getting sick from it, but most patients survive and have only mild flu like symptoms. It affects each person differently, and some have very severe reactions to the COVID virus, just like some individuals, have severe reactions to the flu virus.

According to the CDC, in Park County, those that are infected with the COVD virus are only about eight to 9% which is a very small percentage compared to the state of Wyoming, population base. So is a spike happening in Park County no, is it “Surging” as some would have you believe, no. Is it increasing, yes.

But still far less than the average flu season, where over 4,000 are hospitalized every year.

COVID is real, so is the FLU virus. Wash your hands regularly, stay out of heavily populated areas such as stores, bars, social clubs, ect. Do masks help a person. no; if you can smell odors through the mask, then the mask is not working. This is just a liberal way of controlling people. If you want to wear a mask, do it, If you do not want to wear a mask, then don’t. The decision is yours to make, no one else’s. Remember, a cloth mask will NOT STOP A VIRUS!

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