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Liz Cheney Running Into Walls In Congress-No One Likes Her

When Liz Cheney Wyoming’s Republican Congress woman, betrayed her party and her President, that is President Donald J Trump, she basically signed her death warrant politically speaking, that is, in the halls of Congress including her political career in the state of Wyoming among her own constituents who are firing her left and right, County by County, Organization after organization, individual by individual.

Liz Cheney is losing ground politically.

In Washington, DC, Liz Cheney is ignored by other Senators and House Republicans, most of them will not even speak to her or choose to be seen around her as she has become such a negative blight. But on the other hand, Liz Cheney has been welcomed in the Democrat-Socialist WOKE party by hook line and sinker and she accepted.

An effort is under way by the hard-right House Freedom Caucus and House Republican leaders trying to forever banish Liz Cheney from the House Republican organization called the GOP conference.

This ultimately would also deny Liz Cheney from other normal routine privileges, and would prohibit Liz Cheney from attending closed-door Republican strategy meetings.

Back in Cheney’s home state, her ability to get reelected appears to be diminishing daily, as Wyoming voters have had enough of her lies and deception to the Wyoming people.

Her support is reported as a desperate struggle to get any wavering future votes, at best—other than her Democrats supporters and Democrats Dark money being put into her war chest. Yes, she has lots of money, but very little support in Wyoming regarding votes.

America, Seek the truth and investigate.

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