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Shallow Earth Quake Hits Natrona County Wyoming

According to a Natrona County Facebook post, the Natrona County Emergency Management office has confirmed that a magnitude 3.7 Quake has shaken Central Wyoming Late Sunday evening.

In a rural area, the earth quake struck about six to 7.5 miles north-west from the Rolling Hills near Glenrock, Wyoming, around 9:55pm.

Individuals in the surrounding areas felt the earth shake as far away as Casper, Wyoming, 30 miles away from the epicenter of the quake.

This Earth Quake was a shallow quake—as far as earth quakes go, about 6.8 miles deep in the earth.

Most quakes in Wyoming are very minor in nature and do little damage since most of Wyoming is raw land.

In June of 2021, a 4.1 quake hit an area of Ten Sleep, Wyoming, and in April of 2021 another quake hit that same area. Both quakes did not cause any damage to property of structures.

Back in August of 1959, the Yellowstone national Park earth quake was the largest Wyoming quake on record, hitting 6.5 on the Richter scale.

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