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Sick Liberal Vandalize Yet Another Conservative Billboard In Cody

The city of Cody, Wyoming, has a definite liberal radical Democrat crime problem. Yet another conservative billboard sign has been defaced and spray-painted over, this time; it is the “Don’t California Cody” billboard.

The billboard was vandalized during the early morning hours on Tuesday morning.

Sources are giving leads to the Wyoming News on who they suspect. The Wyoming News would like those tipsters to contact the Cody Police Department and tell them who they suspect or what their tip is, as they are the Law Enforcement.

The Liberal Democrats, who are in Cody, Wyoming, and in Park County, are demonstrating that they not only have twisted minds. They are prone to commit criminal acts against others who may not buy into their politics.

Not all Democrats are bad.

Just like not all Republicans are bad, both political parties have good people, but the outer fringe of the radical Liberals are criminal-minded and conduct such activity that makes them a danger to the rest of society.

The spray painting that they left on the sign depicted pictures of a males anatomy “dicks” and “testicles.”

The message that they sent was only that they are sick-minded and are criminals.

The message that the public is sending to them either the individuals, or individual, is that you will get caught and you will get exposed, and you will be held accountable, enjoy your freedom while you can as the law will catch you and the public will be watching all the Billboards and signs in and around Cody Wyoming. You will get caught or someone will “rat” you out.

According to both Democrat and Republican Conservatives, neither side condones such criminal activity. Both sides agree this is not what Cody is about. First the Pro Abortion sign, now the Pro conservative “Don’t California Cody” billboard what next.

Another interesting fact, Cody Mayor attempts to get the billboard down; Land owner Ron Hill, stands up to the Cody Mayor, now billboard sign is defaced and vandalized. Is there a connection here public? Exactly, where and how deep, does this criminal Democrat radical liberal activity lead to? and to whom?

Wyoming News Syndicated
Wyoming News Syndicated
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