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Wyo Weston County Prosecutor Calls Good Evil and Evil Good

A Wyoming prosecutor has decided not to charge library employees for making available, hard core sex LGBTQ themed books in public libraries for children and teenagers to read and look at pictures.

The Liberal radical Democrat WOKE agenda is pushing to influence Wyoming kids and is running rampant in the state of Wyoming.

This time it was over six books titled, “Dating and sex: A guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy” written by Andrew P. Smiler.

“Doing it” by Hannah Witton “How Do You Make Babies.” by Anna Fiske, “This book is Gay” by Juno Dawson, and last but not least in the library “Sex is a Funny Word.” by Cory Silverberg.

These LGBTQ-themed propaganda WOKE agenda is designed to destroy the modern American family and teach what’s up is down and what’s down is up, which includes having no Genders allowed.

LGBTQ Executive directory of the LGBTQ Advocacy Group for Wyoming Equality has stated openly that if a person complains about these books, this poses a “Real Threat” to the LGBTQ Gay community.

Yet these are the same people who demand that straight individuals comply with their radical liberal Democrat WOKE sexual agenda’s and want the world to hear their voices, but on the other side of the coin, if an individual disagrees and stands up and tells them that this is not morally, ethically nor GODLY right, for little children to be subjected to this propaganda, the Sara Burlingame’s of the world become unhinged.

Weston County Attorney Michael Stulken has stated that he “Cannot ethically bring criminal charges if the facts that surround a certain matter don’t support probable cause.”

So basically Weston County Attorney, Michael Stulken is calling Good Evil and Evil Good.

The State of Wyoming is heading down a really dark road in its future for the children of Wyoming if they continue this behavior. But then, according to this Weston County Prosecutor, he would probably give a legal excuse why it is ok to have sex with little children against their will. Oh, maybe there is no “probable cause.” Such as Michael Stulken would like the public to believe. Maybe Wyoming would be better off if the residents went back to the wild west days at this rate.

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