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Biden’s Deliberate Actions To Destroy America

Dementia Joe Biden set out on his first day in the Presidential seat that he STOLE with his “80 Million votes” he claimed. On that day Biden stopped the XL Keystone pipeline with a Biden’s first Executive Order #13990.

His revocation of that permit literally was his first death-nail delivered to the American people and a self-sustaining oil industry. The pipeline would have boosted the United States domestic gross product with over 3 billion dollars daily that would have flowed in the pipeline daily in the amount of about 83,000 barrels of oil daily from Canada into the United States and the result of this would have been up to 50,000 jobs or more. Instead, on that day 11,000 lost their lively hoods on day one of the Biden Democrat chaos.

John Kerry, Democrat appointed “Climate Czar” stated, “go to work to make the solar panels. So why is oil so important to the United States economy? Oil is the lifeblood of Americans and not only critical, but strategic for our energy security. This also cost the American people their financial security in thousands of economic industries, from the plants to the transportation to the shelves and then to the consumers. From day one, Dementia Joe Biden and his radical Democrat Socialist have been intent on destroying America.

One asks how can we as individuals stop this madness? Simple answer, vote against ALL DEMOCRATS, and Republican Rhinos. After all, they are the enemy of the state by their own actions and words.

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