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Joe’s Approval Rating

Joe Biden has a new approval rating that has just come out. Biden is being hammered even by the liberal poll data. According to the Quinnipiac poll, Biden is now at 33% approval rating and source say that they expect his approval rating to hit the 25% mark by end of July.

Democrats at jumping ship daily and do not want to be associated with Joe Biden as they are worried that this will affect them in their own states ballot box.

Joe Biden and his Administration is in a fast deep spiral downward and his approval rating even with Democratic voters habe hit rock bottom due to gas prices food shortages and prices, and supply shortages in every industry.

Wyoming Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi is trying very hard to distract from the Democrat mess that Joe Biden has directly created. It is not Putin, Nor Trump nor Ukraine no it is Joe Biden at the wheel unable to control the financial mess that he created from day one.

Monday the stock market plunged because of the persistent inflation and fears in the financial markets that is soley to be blamed on Joe Biden. Every thing that Joe Biden touches, FAILS.

Word from reliable sources in Washington DC have indicated to media, that Many Democrats are preparing to dump Joe Biden and throw him under the bus in the 2024 election or before. Democrats are running scared both in the National, State and local levels as they know that if you have the word Democrat by your name, you will be voted out of office. America is currently in steep decline. Joe Biden must be removed from the very office that he stole. So far it looks like it will be his very own party that will send him packing either in 2022 but most certainly 2024.

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