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Lack Of Logic Allows For Liberal Indoctrination Being Taught

By: Robin Berry

Due to the lack of ‘logic’ being taught in our indoctrination system we now have adults
saying the following:

High cost of fuels will ‘make’ everyone buy electric cars and the world will be saved from
climate ‘change.’ Let us look at this step by step.
1. The main power grid of our nation and the world is not on ‘renewables’ and would not
be ‘online’ to ‘plug’ in these ‘new’ cars. (nor would the internet be available or the
cellphone networks.) Most people will not be able to afford any kind of electricity,
pushing our country back to burning wood since coal ‘is bad.’ Think of the smoke filled
skies then.

2. The high cost of petroleum products is so much more than ‘fuel.’ (i.e. plastics, fabric,
rubber, most packaging, etc.) Killing the extraction and production thereof will cause our
lives to be changing dramatically due to shortages and it has nothing to do with the

3. At the moment, because some of our government officials have slowly moved almost
all of our manufacturing to China and other third world countries with regulations and
non-manufacturing ‘climate,’ we have few raw materials being processed or made into
products in out country therefore We the People will have very few goods to consume.
(Time for that American ingenuity to spring forth and self starters to begin ‘new’

4. Because of the above there are no ‘cars’ electric or otherwise to purchase.

5. If We the People do not stand up, throw out of office those who would destroy our
country and deprive us of our God given freedom, we will fall into the OWO of the CCP
and ‘poverty for all’ with no one ‘allowed’ to exercise their God given freedom or talents
or life. (And NO I do not believe a ‘weighted’ electric ballot counting machine will allow
a fair election in the world ever.)

Demand Voter ID, same day voting in person only, with manual paper ballot counting.
Volunteer at your local County Clerk to count the ballots. Otherwise the world loses.

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