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NEA Want To Teach Students In “Healthy Sexuality Workshops.”

The NEA, National Education Association, is pushing the Critical Race Theory, they want to teach students about masturbation and sexual torture in the name of “Healthy Sexuality Workshop”.

In CRT studies, they teach children that “it is ok to touch yourself, and see how your body parts respond.” That is a subtle way of teaching children about masturbation.

This is making it look like just a simple science project to equip children to exercise various body mastubation methods. As the students get older, Critical Race Theory intends on having junior high and highschool students study literacy: an Intersectional focus on mainstream porn.

This is being planned for Grammar school and many public school districts. The teachers Union and the School districts will vehemently deny that they are teaching this or, in some cases, planning on teaching this to students—but this information came directly from the NEA themselves.

This is not science, nor is this a healthy educational environment to be teaching the children of Wyoming.

Just a few years ago common sense would have told the average parent and educator that this Marxist garbage, being taught to innocent kids, would have been very inappropriate at the very least and totally considered a direct form of child abuse, but now the NEA, National Education Association and the teachers Union want to convince the public that this is “Sex-Positive.”

The Radical Democrats have taken over the education system. Make no mistake, Park County Parents, this is not sex education, this is what is called purposeful exposure to perversion, designed to destroy the children and the unity ties to families in general.

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