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The Benefits Of The NRA In Cody Wyoming

Not to be mistaken for the National Rodeo Association, the NRA we are talking of here is The National Rifle Association and the possibility of moving its headquarters to Cody,Wyoming.

This could be a nice headquarters for the foundation for our proud citizens who stand and believing in protecting our gun rights and our amendments whom our forefathers died to give us the right to bear arms and protect ourselves, especially in the day and age we live in and the constant chaos and bombardment of crime in our society.

Their current headquarters is in Fairfax,VA,population 25,000, but there is talk of moving the headquarters to the right-under-10,000 population of Cody,Wyoming.

As clearly stated by Wikipedia, “The NRA has been described as influential in shaping American gun control policy. The organization influences legislators’ voting behavior through its financial resources and ability to mobilize it large membership.”

The NRA was founded in 1871 and now has around five million members in the association. This organization is important and Wyoming could potentially be a great place for the headquarters, being that it is even smaller than the current town of its headquarters and it helps raise money and prepares field campaigns.

The NRA is an important part of our society who care for the constitution, human rights, and our ability to enjoy freedoms that citizens should have the right to keep and not have taken away. This organization helps, advocates, teaches, and stands for safety and proper use of all firearms and continues to grow and fight for those rights to be apart of proud gun bearing citizens despite the controversy of gun rights being taken away.

We don’t believe society would turn out much better than our recent pandemic if those rights were taken away and we had to deal with the many people who would be rightfully outraged and losing those rights as if we were all being punished in some way because people who misuse or do heinous crimes that no law abiding citizen likes to see or be apart of but strongly believe that the same things would be happening on the news daily with or without those rights.

In fact, probably would be way more chaotic trying to seize every gun owners weapons where people have claimed: the only way the government is ever getting my gun is out of my cold, dead hands.”

Cody,Wyoming could have the name of being the headquarters for an organization that was founded in 1871, protects our rights, plays a part in our elections, and stands for proper gun safety and use and is as positive as The Statue Of Liberty to remind us and continue to advocate and stand for our rights that we deserve to have according to our forefathers, constitution, and is continually growing as the times get worse which we all see has happened more and more as time progresses.

We know there would be people very proud to have their town be the home community of The NRA and what it stands for, who fight to keep and have our rights as American citizens.

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