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Park County Prosecution And Defense At Odds Regarding Baby Death

Prosecuting attorney Larry Eichele says he has the evidence that proves Powell Wyoming man Jason Getzfreid killed his 4-month-old daughter. Yet Public Defender Tim Blatt tells the court hold on here, evidence suggests something else.. and not what Prosecuting Attorney Larry Eichele would like to buffalo the court into believing.

This case seems to hinge on the word of a medical staff member who has written on a single handwritten note and written by a Powell Valley Healthcare nurse, her description of how Jason Getzfreid used his hands when making motions that to her showed that Jason Getzfreid was telling her, he shook the baby.

Prosecutor Larry Eichele has stated to the court that this death was a “non-accidental trauma.” Basically, he is telling the court that the baby had been shaken, violently.

However, Primary Children’s Hospital expert, Dr. Tagrid Ruiz-Maldonado from Salt Lake City, told the court that the babies injuries contradict any type of shaking and that are attributed, to the equivalence of being in a car accident or a falling such as a stair fall if it occurred under these type of accidental pretenses, which is likely.

The medical analysis that the prosecutor Larry Eich is presenting to the court is all conjecture and not factual, but simply an attempt by prosecutor Larry Eichele, to tie the defendant, Jason Getzfreid to a crime that he did not commit.

Park County Sheriff Deputy, Jed Ehlers was drilled in court regarding the medical analysis and the physical indicators and the signs of abuse. Deputy Jed Ehlers had no answers and and gave half effort answers when he voiced his concerns all of which seemed weak and lacked any sustainable credible evidence.

Deputy Ehlers brought up that the first degree murder charge against the defendant Jason Getzfreid was valid because according to their investigation, Getzfreid was the only person around the baby at the time of the incident, therefore he felt that because of medical experts this must have been the way the baby died.

Yet when asked about if he interviewed the so-called medical experts he was referring to, Deputy Jed Ehlers stated he was basing this on the fact that because of the info that they came up with, they can not point to any other causes of death or any other reasons how the child died.

According to the medical experts and the Cleveland Clinic, brain bleeds are complex by nature and once a vessel breaks and starts to bleed, it can take days, weeks and even up to a month, depending on the severity of the brain bleed, before any symptoms develop.

In this case, the 4-month-old baby already had brain bleeds that appeared to be old. This showed up on the X-rays and the CT scans that were completed by medical staff. This brain bleed appeared to be a new one.

So, could it be that the mother abused the child? According to the Park County Sheriff’s office that answer is no. Or possibly whom ever came into contact with the child on a previous time frame ? Who knows!

But one thing is certain, and that is the Park County Deputy prosecutor Jed Ehlers has an uphill battle to convince the court that the defendant, Jason Getzfreid, killed his own child?

According to the Defense, that assumption is highly suspect and his client is an innocent man who is being railroaded into being held as guilty for a crime he may actually not have committed. The Prosecution feels as if they have all the evidence he needs to get a solid conviction.








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