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Bid Deal….I have Nothing To Hide!

Written by Marc Kelley
Regardless of your political point of view, the latest move by the Biden Administration to control your ability to purchase goods, should be a wakeup call to all Americans. In a move, coordinated by the White House, the largest banks in America, have sided with the “New Liberal World Order”, and will begin to monitor your credit card use for what they call, “suspicious activity.” A host of financial magazines including: Fortune and BusinessWeek identified this latest move by the liberal gun grabbers to criminalize the lawful ownership of firearms and ammunition, as a whole new ballgame.
In a move which has been in the works since shortly after January 6, 2020, America’s fifteen largest banks banks which include : Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank have all agreed to follow the guidance, put forth by the International Organization for Standardization (based in Switzerland) for identifying credit card transactions. Effective immediately any merchant who accepts credit cards and offers firearms or ammunition for sale in their store, will be flagged with a unique merchant category code. This code will allow the government, including the IRS with their 86 thousand new agents, the ability to track an individual’s credit card purchases and establish a database of those purchases. This move is the result of the Biden Administrations attack on what they view as an extremist movement they call, “Ultra MAGA” a label which encompasses any and all who did not vote for Biden or would dare to speak out in opposition to his failing policies which are decimating the American family.
During the pandemic, many voices were silenced through the collaboration between the mainstream media, big tech, and a complicit healthcare system. However, silencing voices was not the only nefarious activity used to gaslight the American people. Just as many voices were silenced, other voices were amplified and used to create a narrative of support for what had become” the official truth.” Hereto, there is an abundance of culpability, but none more harmful to our country than the damage done to our children as a result of the influence, corruption, and graft of the teachers unions.
Academia has long been a vehicle used by the Marxist movement to bring about social and economic change throughout the world. Marxist ideology holds: for meaningful change to occur, it must begin with the children. If a system, i.e. Capitalism cannot be changed externally, It must be changed internally, and that change must begin with the children. It is this belief, more than any other, which has brought us to the days in which we are now living. Our children are failing, test scores are dropping, and school attendance has fallen to an all time low in our largest cities.
Now, before you begin to think, I have had a stroke, or have simply become confused by the happenings of 2022, let me explain the connection between the teachers unions and the latest assault on the 2nd Amendment. As you delve into how this sweeping banking practice actually came about, you will learn Biden was led by a troika of politically motivated players. Letters were sent to the White House by State Officials from both New York and California and, be still my beating heart, the NEA (National Education Association) and NFT (National Federation of Teachers) unions, demanding Biden push the American banking system to adopt the new International Organization for Standardization’s merchant classification, assigning a unique four digit merchant code, for anyone dealing in firearms, ammunition, gun parts, or gunsmithing. In the text of each of the letters was the assertion, Biden must act for the greater good, as a global leader fulfilling his “moral obligation to save lives, cut short by gun violence.”
When you add this new banking requirement to the fact, six states currently require purchasers to complete a background check to buy ammunition (which must be done in person) you will see the first objective of this new classification is the elimination of online sales, in turn limiting the consumers access to ammunition and other gun related items. In a statement released by the NRA, Lars Dalseide, spokesman for Institute for Legislative Action called Biden’s latest embrace of the radical left politicians of New York, California, and the teachers unions, a “travesty.” Dalseide went on to assert, “this decision chills the free exercise of a constitutionally protected right, yet does nothing to assist law enforcement with crime prevention or to hold criminals accountable. Through this action the gun control lobby has proven, it is interested in nothing more than disarming lawful gun owners.”
The assignment of a special merchant code for firearms, ammunition, and firearm services, implies these purchases are suspicious by nature, thus infringing upon the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Implementing this new classification of merchant code while granting the government access to that data, is tantamount to creating a national gun registry. Any individual who interpret this move as something other than the creation of a national gun registry, illustrates a profound naiveté and is assigning trust to individuals who have time and time again, been found to be untrustworthy.
The next time someone explains to you gun laws don’t effect them, because they have nothing to hide and therefore are not a target, remind them of these cold hard facts. They have already been identified, a target placed on their back, and the consequences for their ambivalence have now come looking for a return on their investment.
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